Ensuring your online security

At abrdn Self Investor we take your online security very seriously and have put in place a number of measures to help protect you and your investments. We use anti-fraud measures to monitor suspicious activity on the site and also encourage our customers to ensure that they are fully protected at all times when accessing smart+.

How smart+ protects you

Anti-fraud measures

We regularly review our anti-fraud controls. As a result we may contact you if we notice an unusual transaction on your account or if we require any additional information to manage your account.

Log in security

When you log into smart+ we will always ask for your username and password, and three letters from your memorable phrase.

These measures are designed with your security in mind. We need to be able to ensure that your identity is fully protected and that we know it is you we are dealing with when you log into smart+.

Auto log-out

When you log in to smart+, the site will monitor your activity so that it can automatically log you off if it senses you are no longer actively using the system for longer than fifteen minutes. This auto log-off mechanism is designed to protect your account from misuse.

Temporarily disabling your online account

If you make too many failed attempts to log into smart+ we will temporarily disable your online access for your own security. If you've forgotten some of your security details, please follow the instructions on screen to regain access to your account.

How you can protect yourself

Passwords and security questions

A good choice of password is one that you can remember easily, but that cannot be easily guessed. If you have been using the same password for years for different purposes, it's definitely time to choose a new one.

Never share your passwords with anyone. Do not write your passwords down or store them on your computer.

When selecting your additional security questions chose a mix of questions that you feel would be difficult for someone else to find out or guess all of the answers to.

Logging off from smart+

Always log off from smart+ when you are finished using the service or when you are leaving a shared computer you are using unattended for anytime.

Stay vigilant

Ensure you keep your computer’s anti-virus software and firewall settings updated regularly. Never provide personal details including passwords or answers to your security questions, in response to any email. We will never ask you for your password or send you emails asking you for this type of information.

If you believe any aspect of your account security has been compromised change your password and then Contact us immediately.


abrdn Self Investor, PO Box 6890, Basingstoke RG24 4SL. Telephone number: 0800 1522 522. As part of our commitment to quality service and security, telephone calls may be monitored and/or recorded to protect you and us and help with our training. Call charges will vary.

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